Our Partners

eMee works with some of the most respected organizations worldwide to co-innovate and bring best in class services to you. Our innovation partners complement our offerings, and together, we provide you comprehensive end to end gamification and engagement solutions for your business. Let's get to know them a little better.

Cubes Logo

CUBES Software

Since the year 2000, CUBES offers a cloud-based HRM system that helps companies optimize HR processes and transform HR discipline from an administrative to a developmental function. Its Business Intelligence modules provide the companies, management and employees powerful insights into goal achievement and KPIs, and visually rich dashboards of the organization, staff, skills and cost – quickly and easily through a browser. Through our partnership with CUBES, we now offer comprehensive, end to end HCM and HRM solutions to our customers coupled with eMee's rich, gamified platform!

RewardPort Logo


It is people who make a company and it is the company who face challenges to maintain people. These challenges are complex as they involve individual humans. RewardPort specializes in helping clients hold on to their diverse people and inspire them to contribute to business success. RewardPort’s unique expertise helps people to rally around common goals, raise individual achievement, and focus on results. Our partnership with RewardPort enables you, our customers, to offer the best experiential rewards and merchandise to your employees!

Studioworks Logo


The Studioworks specializes in cutting edge, high quality design, print and website solutions to meet your need, whether it is a single website or a complete Branding assignment. In partnership with eMee you get stunning visualizations for your end applications and campaigns.

Yonyx Logo


Yonyx is a pioneer in helping you deliver customer self-service the way live agents do. Its focused, differentiated & forward-thinking approach to the problem enables organizations to compress the thousands of specific problems customers frequently call about into a small number of categories of symptoms, each of which lead to interactive diagnostic pathways – much like a multi-media flow chart. Deploy Yonyx with eMee, and your customer service desk will deliver SLAs like never before!

kPoint Logo


Kpoint enables rapid capture and distribution of your "know-how" for immediate business impact. It encapsulates an interactive session in a "kapsule" for ease of access and search. eMee provides ready connectors for consumption of Kpoint capsules.

Reliscore Logo


Reliscore is a unified platform offering content and assessments. Using this platform, users can take various assessment and get self-certifications.