Picture this:

Scene 1 - You wear your crisp formals, polished shoes, sport your dashing attitude and are armed with excitement to join the new company. You take extra efforts to make sure you reach early and leave no stones unturned to make a right start.

Scene 2 - After an anxious hour at the waiting lounge, you are ushered by an HR representative to a room and put through all the joining formalities, including lots of paper work. You have to get necessary passes, and then sit through the awfully long and boring induction trainings.

Scene 3 - By the end of the day, you are not only overwhelmed with the deluge of information but are terribly tired! And the enthusiasm? Well, that just got buried in the heap of joining processes!

Employee onboarding is undoubtedly an important HR function, but is usually reduced to a time consuming and frustrating experience. It is during employee onboarding that the recruits get insights into the company’s culture, processes, and the knowledge base. Giving an overview of the HR, Payroll, Security, IT compliances and the likes is extremely important, but at the same time, it is a challenge for the hiring managers to keep the interest level of new hires high and making sure that their transition into the new company is smooth. The subsequent weeks after the onboarding also entail massive amount of learnings, both in the classroom and on the floor.

Is there any way to salvage the onboarding experience, you ask!

GAMIFICATION of the Employee Onboarding Process

By now, we all are aware of the concept of adding game mechanics and elements to business workflows to transform those it into engaging, interactive and rewarding activities.

How cool would it be if you converted the tall order of employee onboarding into a game where recruits have to complete missions and unlock different levels that are mapped to your onboarding process? What’s more, you add a social element to it and all the activities and game accomplishments of the new recruits are published. This way the hiring managers can also see the progress while it gives the new hires sense of accomplishing a mission and gives a morale boost.

Express Computers

Social gaming can be an extremely powerful tool for reaching out and helps to:

  • Showcase employees and the company
  • Provide a way to engage with you
  • Drive your value system
  • Share and collaborate effectively
  • Reward desired learning behavior through gamification
  • Make recruits feel connected through personal and professional knowledge sharing forums
  • Create a positive buzz and promote values via quizzes, polls and employee quotes – in a fun and informal way!

Do you also think Social gaming can be effective in the employee onboarding process? Have you already employed a gamified version of onboarding process? Are there any challenges you face?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Happy Employee Onboarding ☺

Express Computers Tahseen Taj,
Chief Digital Strategist, eMee