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BS Reporter/Mumbai/ Pune 04 Oct 11 | 12:58 AM

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Persistent Systems, a player in outsourced software product development services, announced the launch of eMee, an employee engagement platform, specifically developed for SME (small and medium enterprise) and large enterprises with a distributed workforce.

eMee, designed and developed using gaming and social networking concepts, helps redefine employee engagement, by offering an intuitive and user friendly platform for interacting with colleagues and peers throughout the organisation.

eMee encourages social networking in the workplace and harnesses the power of collaboration to the fullest, boosting morale, team spirit and camaraderie.

"We are very excited to launch eMee, a one-of-its-kind, innovative, social networking platform at the workplace for all our 6600+ employees across the globe. eMee nurtures two-way communication between the employee and the employer, which helps communication to flow freely and effectively. eMee can be used across various industries, to improve employee engagement and understand employee requirements better," said Kishor Bhalerao, head, human resources, Persistent Systems.

This could prove to be an innovative way of influencing desired behaviors with the use of gaming platform and social media concepts in an organisation that values technical talent. Through this programme, employees can collaborate with each other outside of regular project-specific interactions.

There are various platforms on this intervention that provides for recognition and growth of capabilities and expertise. Technical teams can work seamlessly and network with like-minded people, to practice and enhance skills, organise and participate in activities of common interests, exchange ideas irrespective of on-going assignments, mentor others and be mentored by experts.

eMee is built to harnesses social networking and collaboration within the organisation, to provide organisations with an innovative platform to showcase professional achievements and have a continuous engagement and feedback dialogue between the employee and manager.

This gaming-based platform set for performance management is led by Siddhesh Bhobe, associate vice president, enterprise and business solutions and is a part of Persistent Systems IP (intellectual property) led solutions group.

The IP business, now in its third year, has been growing steadily and is aligned to Persistent's four key next-generation technology areas: cloud computing, mobility, business intelligence and analytics and collaboration.

Persistent says its diverse IP portfolio helps technology companies accelerate their time from idea to revenue generation.