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As a product and a platform, eMee transforms a mundane task into something visually appealing with a gaming interface, which makes it interesting to interact with, says Persistent's Manjiri Ranade
Sainul Abudheen K
Tuesday, March 06, 2012

BANGALORE, INDIA: Persistent Systems is quite a familiar name among IT players in India. Specializing in software product and technology innovation, the company has partnered with several start-ups as well as big enterprises to promote and commercialize its products and solutions. Persistent has customers across all the verticals that include technology, telecommunication, life sciences, healthcare, banking, and consumer products sectors across North America, Europe, and Asia.

It recently launched a collaboration tool, eMee, which makes possible interaction between employees and management. In an interview with CIOL , Manjiri Ranade, associate vice-president, Head- Enterprise Collaboration Practice, and Siddhesh Bhobe, associate vice president and the lead architect of eMee, Persistent Systems , spoke in detail about eMee and its advantages.

CIOL: Please give us a brief introduction about the company and its products?

Ranade: Persistent is an Outsourced Product Development (OPD). We have clients ranging from start-ups/conceptualization phase to bigger companies. We have been engaged with our customers through the whole lifecycle. Apart from development, we also have gone into customization, deployment and whitespaces of our products.

Our main solution areas are BI (Business Intelligence) and analytics (big data), cloud, collaboration and mobility. As we know, the devices that we have been using have now been replaced by ultra-modern gadgets like tablets and smartphones. In such a scenario, we see that the stack of data, cloud, collaboration and mobility together defines the new framework, of which collaboration is an important area we are majorly focusing on.

CIOL: You recently launched the collaboration platform, eMee...

Ranade: It is a HR-centric tool built on two things: visualization and gamification. It is a performance management and interactive tool for employees. As a product and a platform, it transforms a mundane task into something visually appealing with a gaming interface, which makes it interesting to interact with. eMee is a platform that gives a means of having interaction between an employee and the manager.

CIOL: Is eMee kind of a social networking site?

Ranade: A social networking site is where people come together to share one's views, photos, opinions and ideas with his/her friends. So, if we look at it that way, eMee is a customizable social site. It is a way of social networking in an enterprise environment in an individual way. It enables users to display their expertise and achievements to the manager in a particular way or in terms of performance. Simply put, eMee is a platform where one wants a team to interact with his colleagues.

CIOL: Many companies have developed their own social sites, internal social sites, to facilitate interaction among employees and management. So, what is the relevance of eMee?

Ranade: eMee is a platform that adapts to the strategies of a company, which is very important. Depending on the requirements of an enterprise, it could be designed using the existing platform, where adaptability is not an issue with the enterprise. It is a flexible platform, on which one can adopt itself to do multiple things and even integrate or co-exist with the existing ones.

CIOL: Do you offer any other collaboration tools/products, apart from eMee?

Ranade: For an enterprise to be successful in collaboration, it is very important for it to adapt to new changes. Therefore, we are consulting with various enterprises to impart knowledge on collaboration. We are also organizing workshops for them to do internal strategy sessions and even surveys to define what kind of collaboration strategies would work for them. We have partnered with Cisco and work with them on collaboration platform. We also have our own accelerators on top of that, which can make the appeal broader and make deployment and integration happen faster for the company.