Beyond transactional loyalty, towards Segment of One – Gamified Loyalty

eMee’s loyalty solutions leverages gamification & social analytics to provide highly personalized offers to customers and use behavioral economics to better engage with them.

eMee’s loyalty solution goes beyond analyzing just the purchase history of customers to profile them for their lifestyle choices, their social activity, life events and so on. Thus, by building a 360⁰ understanding of your customers, it is possible to anticipate their needs and proactively respond to them with highly personalized offers. Businesses can increase the Total Lifetime Value of the customer using our solutions.

Our solution to engage your customers through social CRM

The eMee loyalty solution is based on creating a 360⁰ customer view using structured and unstructured data sources. It is based on the principles of ‘Segment of One’ where individual customers receive highly personalized offers leading to exceptional conversion rates. Our solution can help in upselling additional services and creating non-core revenue streams in the long run.

The Machine behind this

Omni-channel Rules Engine (http://www.emee.co.in/Platform.html )

The core of our loyalty offering is a business rules engine called eMee POD which enables businesses to setup dynamically configurable loyalty programs, using an easy to use visual interface for rules definition. The engine is multi-tenant, allowing it to serve multiple clients and partners seamlessly. The engine can be integrated with existing portals and applications easily using its extensive APIs, either in captive or in a hosted model. Unique features like ‘Engagement Analytics’ and ‘Desire Engine’ help you to send highly personalized offers to your customers ensuring effective engagement and loyalty to your brand.


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