How We Engage

How We Engage Prepare Design Go Live Extend ROI

Executing a Successful Gamification Strategy: Our Engagement Model


  • Define business goals of the gamification project

    • Ex: A retail loyalty program: Increase number of repeat customers and overall social media buzz

    • Ex: HR: Make appraisals more efficient, reduce attrition

  • Behavior Tracking:

    • Identify a comprehensive list of user actions related to the target behavior that directly impacts the business goal(s)

  • Analyze existing data and available tracking and instrumentation, in line with the metrics that need to be measured and monitored for impact

  • Perform Gap Analysis, identifying the additional actions that need to be tracked and measured


  • Define the Rewards program

    • Design the SAPS (Status, Access, Power and Stuff - the "rewards") based reward program for your gamification initiative

    • Specify the gamification taxonomy (points scheme, names for levels, badges) in line with your demographics, culture and use cases

    • Finalize the visualization (UI Elements) and game play

  • Dry run of the model (Non-intrusive)

    • Execute Game Engine on historical and live data

    • Analyze the results

    • Create Engagement Benchmarks

    • Fine tune, repeat design steps


  • Implementation

    • Run the game engine in production with full stakeholder involvement

    • Fully integrate the gamification with the master sites and existing applications

    • Engage the users until habituation kicks in


  • Special Promos and Campaigns

    • Monitor analytics dashboards to design and execute special campaigns/flash competitions to push the defined goal

    • Start 'Real Time Analytics'

  • Continuous monitoring, analysis and fine tuning of the program