Gamification for Enterprises

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Is your business ready for the social generation? Critical employee-centric issues around motivation, engagement, communication, collaboration and performance are now being addressed using HR gamification, and eMee has been globally recognized as a thought leader in this exciting, new approach with far-reaching impact!

eMee goes much beyond points and badges, providing a comprehensive, customizable platform that encompasses all facets of an employee's life in the organization.

  • Game mechanics and game dynamics to drive desired behavior and boost employee productivity
  • Comprehensive, gamified performance management
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Rich portals for collaboration and learning
  • Analytics tools like Mood-o-meter to gauge mood and pulse of the organization
  • Mobile enabled self-service HR for quick turnaround
  • Interfaces to your existing enterprise applications and investments
  • Partnerships with world-class HRIS and HCM product companies to offer you a complete solution!

Rewards and Recognition

  • Virtual gifts and commendations provide instant and real time gratification from managers and colleagues!
  • Manage and track your R&R budgets
  • Exciting options for points redemption using custom merchandise and experiential rewards, worldwide, through our rewards partners!
  • Custom portals and leaderboards
  • Option to graduate to a full-fledged virtual world with exciting employee avatars (see pic on the right)
  • Boost performance through personalized recommendations and engagement analytics
  • Provide critical feedback for performance management and derive learning needs of your employees

Performance Management

eMee's comprehensive performance management system adds a liberal dash of social gamification and analytics to industry best practices, converting your existing appraisal and talent management process into a very effective and efficient one!

  • KRA and competency templates
  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment
  • Automated ratings for quantitative KRAs
  • Configurable, event based and continuous assessments
  • Parallel appraisal calendars
  • Social goals, competition and missions
  • Career planning and promotions
  • Mentoring
  • Rich self-actualization and comparison dashboards
  • Seamless integration with a host of traditional performance management products and processes
  • Dovetails into rewards and recognition, and learning


eMee's gamified intranet portals and collaborations forums nurture a culture of healthy competition, knowledge sharing and transparency in communication

  • Fully customizable corporate employee portals with dashboards, announcements and updates
  • Discussion forums and blogs, integrated into learning and performance management
  • Gamified surveys and polls
  • Personal and professional spaces for networking and collaboration
  • Exciting employee apps like wish lists, health tracking, classifieds and carpooling for that extra zing!