Business & consumer applications are increasingly using gamification, defined as the use of game elements in everyday scenarios, in order to drive usability and make applications more engaging. The eMee Gamification API is a simple plug & play API, which enables a very light weight gamification framework, using just a few lines of Javascript code. The application, complete with gamified elements can be up & running in no time, including the setup of standard gamification elements such as Points, Levels & Badges. The API goes beyond standard gamification though, with advanced elements like Challenges & Quests also integrated.

Lightweight Javascript Integration

The sample Javascript snippet, as shown below when included as a part of your application allows for complete integration of the eMee gamification framework and enables an admin portal for complete control of the custom gamified actions and events.

Full Fledged Administrative Portal

The admin portal gives complete control over the entire gamification setup, allowing easy enabling, disabling and the inclusion of new gamified elements on your application. The same portal also allows control over more complex gamification scenarios including quests and challenges.

Ready to use Widgets

The API comes built in with ready to use Gamification Bars, Profile Widgets, Leaderboards and Activity Streams. These widgets can be easily integrated within your application, with simple Javascript code embedded into the application's pages.

Going Beyond

The eMee framework lets your apps go beyond standard gamification- the concepts of points, leaderboards and badges. It maps real world business pain points and core management activities to gamified action and rich web interactions. It lets you build apps, which combine gamification elements and gameplay based visualizations and ensure they are deployed rapidly.