Gamification for eCommerce

Gamification for Enterprises

Improving customer experiences and building loyalty are crucial aspects contributing to the customer acquisition, retention and increase in profitable customers. eMee’s gamified loyalty and engagement solutions for eCommerce and loyalty providers are specifically targeted to build effective engagement, boost sales and deliver ROI on your loyalty initiatives for customers and channel partners.

  • Gamified Loyalty

    • Loyalty engine enabling retailers to incentivize their customers instantly
    • Supporting channel incentive programs
  • Track user engagement metrics, and score users against the 4 levels of engagement
  • Attract and engage more and more online customers using

    • Gamification engine
    • Desire engine
    • Social recommendation engine
    • Social insights
  • Build stunning mobile-friendly eCommerce portals quickly with our full customizable and easy to integrate portal framework


eMee’s gamification rules engine enables online portals and businesses to setup dynamically configurable loyalty and channel incentive programs, using its powerful graphical interface for rules definition.

The engine is multi-tenant, allowing it to serve multiple clients and partners seamlessly and efficiently. The engine can be integrated with existing portals and applications easily using its extensive APIs, either in captive or a hosted model.

In addition to being used for loyalty and channel incentive programs, the engine can also be easily configured for other business applications including price determination and user notifications.

gamification rules engine
Engagement Analytics


eMee provides deep insights into your consumer behavior and engagement depth with your brand, both on and off your platform. It enables you to score your users and increase their level of engagement with Actionable Insights.

Desire Engine: Based on Engagement Analytics data, eMee’s desire engine helps you identify recommended actions for individual users, based on their past actions and expected user behavior on the site, eventually benefitting your marketing strategy recalibration


  • Track social mentions across multiple social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Blogs, and Discussion Boards
  • Track the sentiment and mood of consumers towards the brand, and provide actionable insights
  • Track trending topics, identify top Influencers and their communities and overall buzz


eMee eCommerce framework provides functionality around setting up an end to end consumer facing ecommerce portal and multiple backend portals including an Admin and Retailer. We also help eCommerce providers to hook-in gamification elements like points, badges, rewards, leaderboards and competitions on portals to attract and engage online users


Get your eCommerce services and portals the mobile advantage using eMee's vast experience in developing rich, cross platform mobile applications.

Responsive Web UI

The website is designed and implemented in such a way that it automatically aligns and adjusts to the form factor of the device accessing it, enabling most desktop and mobile devices to display your site effectively.

Dedicated Mobile Site

When responsive UI is not feasible or when you already have a strong website and do not wish to disturb it, a dedicated mobile-friendly site can be developed quickly.

Native Apps

Native apps are recommended because they provide a wonderful user experience. Our framework-based approach to mobile application development ensures you get multi-platform support with minimal rework and hence, low cost.