Celebrity & Brand Management

There is a fundamental social shift in how a typical consumer or audience engages with the brand. eMee is helping global brands to ride this new wave with ease, empowering them to make the most out of social buzz!

eMee leverages its powerful social media analytics to understand consumer engagement and behavior. We help brands with technology solutions to take their marketing efforts from conceptualization to realization.

  • End to end digital strategy and execution
  • Real time social listening & alerts using the “Social Radar”
  • Actionable insights
  • Audience engagement on social platforms and microsite
  • Facebook and Twitter contests and campaigns
  • Mobile apps and games
  • Dedicated microsites design and development
  • SAPS-based loyalty programs
  • Specialized apps for celebrities and brand managers
  • Crisis response


Our 'Social Radar' helps you extract customer sentiments and trends from social networks and from your communication channels to gain valuable actionable insights into how people are engaging with your brand.

  • Social mentions across multiple social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Topix, Dailymotion, Reddit, Blogs, and specific discussion boards and websites of interest
  • The total reach and overall sentiment towards the brand
  • Trending topics and comments
  • Top Influencers and their communities
  • Geographical spread
  • Critical posts and buzz
  • Alerts on possible crisis and recommendations to address
  • Real-time automated reports on web and mobile, with additional details and actionable insights from our data analysts


Effective engagement with key users, influencers and fan clubs on social media is critical to the success of any social media campaign.

  • Know who your key influencers are, what they like or dislike, and plan changes in approach, strategy and campaign schedules
  • Classify users and influencers based on their engagement level, Klout, sentiment and network of followers, and chalk out strategies accordingly
  • Watch out for trouble makers and supporters, and be ready to activate in times of crisis


Insights around what the online community feels about your competitors and what the competitor is up to, in order to help in planning your promotions and social media campaigns.

  • Identify and track your competitors
  • Understand what people like or dislike about them
  • Give insights around their failures and success and provide comparisons that matter to you
  • Design comprehensive digital strategy to counter negative propaganda
  • Relate to ERP/CRM data to provide critical inputs for marketing and brand managers


eMee helps you effectively design, track and fine tune your digital strategy and social campaigns and provides best practices and actionable insights around this.

  • Recommendations during all stages of a campaign - planning, choosing right type of contest, pre-contest buzz generation, launching and monitoring the campaign and closure activities
  • Effectively track and analyze performance of your digital and social campaigns
  • Understand what people like or dislike about them and apply learning in future


Our cross platform mobile development experience and gamification expertise is a perfect combination for brands and celebrities who are looking for alternate channels to engage with their audience effectively.

  • Launch different games and mobile apps
  • Mobile enabled collaboration and social apps
  • Mobile dashboards, especially for celebrities and brand managers who need real-time information on the go!