eMee POD – Enterprise Rules Platform

eMee POD – Enterprise Rules Platform

eMee POD is a multi-tenant, highly configurable and dynamic Enterprise Rules platform. Along with its business rule engine, a seamless visual interface for defining rules and metadata, the POD helps businesses to setup dynamically configurable applications such as loyalty programs, gamify their existing business applications and establish compliance rules.

A rich set of 340+ REST APIs with OAuth 2.0 security allows third party systems to easily integrate with the platform and develop their own applications. The APIs also expose the business rule engine as a set of JSON interfaces allowing application developers to potentially use the platform for any business use case.

Why use Enterprise Rules Platform and its APIs

Enterprise Rules Platform Architecture
Flexible Open Scalable Reusable and Extensible Secure
Ability to rapidly integrate with third party applications (using the REST APIs) It is based on standard and well established open technologies and protocols, using APIs that allow every aspect of the platform to be open Built for cloud scale to manage largest possible enterprise work loads The platform can be reused in multiple business use cases, such as gamification, loyalty engine or even a generic data driven business rules engine The platform uses OAuth 2.0 standards for user authentication and authorization, providing a security layer to APIs and making it easy for applications to integrate with

Features of the Enterprise Rules Platform

  • Data-driven rule engine which empowers business users to configure and manage the different use cases like loyalty and benefits program, compliance measurement, matching engine etc. with very little involvement from technical team
  • Intuitive yet powerful graphical interface for rules management
  • Multitenant architecture tthat enables it to serve multiple clients and partners efficiently
  • Seamless integration with existing portals and applications
  • Mobile-enabled architecture with extensive APIs and SDKs
  • Easily configurable with other business applications including price determination and user notifications
  • Available in both hosted as well as captive configurations

eMee’s Enterprise Rules Platform rated among top 5 in the Gamification space

Gamification is no longer just a fad. With its ability to intimately engage customers through mobile, social and other digital mediums, gamification is proving invaluable in driving brand awareness, engagement and personalization.

eMee’s enterprise rules platform for gamification stood out among the top 5 platforms for its strong vision and platform robustness towards offering enterprise wide products and services, from an evaluation and comparison of twelve universal enterprise grade platforms and their vendors - by an industry report on enterprise grade gamification platforms, 2015.

Our unique platform is today powering many innovative solutions in multiple domains and verticals. Offering gamification solutions coupled with advanced big data analytics and SMAC technologies, is ushering in true enterprise digital transformation in some of the most exciting organizations worldwide.

Another feather in the cap is the “Best Technological Development Contribution” award, by Gamification World Awards, 2015. This recognition for eMee’s enterprise rules platform in gamification space is credited to its cutting edge gamification solution that can be licensed to a wide variety of industry and domain specific solutions that give them the edge over their competition. eMee offers flexible deployment options, as a hosted or captive configuration.

eMee is your "Partner in Innovation" helping craft future ready solutions for your business with an ear on the ground.